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SPE The First has been created by joint efforts of all the SPE sections in Norway as an information channel for the oil & gas industry and academia. The Technical Section is comprised of White Papers, written by oil & gas professionals. The White Papers are more than just news but less than scientific articles; they contain description of new technologies, case studies and summaries of ongoing academic research. SPE The First contributes to spreading technical information among SPE members in Norway as well as serving as an information channel for all the Norwegian SPE sections.



Dmitri Gorski holds a PhD in chemical process technology and an MBA in technology management. He has had various technical and managerial roles in Norske Skog, Reinertsen, Equinor and BRI Cleanup. He is currently Chief Technical Officer for start-up company Heavelock in Trondheim, where he works with development of downhole tools and software for drilling.



Giedre Malinauskaite holds a BSc in Management and Business Administration and has completed executive studies in Design Thinking. She served as marketing manager in such companies as Karsten Moholt and FourPhase prior to joining Cognite as VIce President for Marketing and Communications. 

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